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This site, which is under development, provides electronic access to field notebooks archived in the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology collections. The goals of this project are to capture metadata on notebook volumes and sections, and to scan and reference pages for online browsing and querying. Current grant support provides funding to focus on digitization of a subset of historical materials pertaining to major early (1900-1950) faunal expeditions in California. Some of this material is unknown to the scientific community, and its usefulness will grow as it is made available.

The majority of our field notes are associated with specimens deposited in the MVZ collections. Ultimately, our goal is to digitally link information from field notes, specimens, photographs, maps, and other materials (e.g., sound recordings) to maximize access for scientific researchers, conservation and management agencies, non-governmental organizations, historians, and other users. This effort has direct relevance to the MVZ's Centennial Grinnell Resurvey Project, which aims to revisit over 200 sites in California to examine spatiotemporal changes in fauna in the context of natural or human-induced environmental trends.

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