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You have used a web address that is no longer in service.
You may be looking for a service or data that was developed by the Digital Library Project at University of California, Berkeley (1995-2005). This project, funded by NSF's Digital Library Initiative, ended in 2005, the researchers involved have gone on to other projects, and the computer that hosted the data expired in late 2007.

Many of the web-based databases developed by the Digital Library Project are currently run by the BSCIT group at UC Berkeley in the Berkeley Natural History Museums. Below are links to the current websites.

AmphibiaWeb amphibiaweb.org World-wide amphibian decline database
BNHM Databases bscit.berkeley.edu Databases for California moths, Essig Museum of Entomology, UC Museum of Paleontology, and more
CalPhotos calphotos.berkeley.edu Photo database
DocuBase docubase.berkeley.edu Digital documents including journals and other publications. (formerly called Personal Library)

Please change any bookmarks linking to the old address.

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